Ziggy – comedy magic and mentalism

✅💉תו ירוק – מחוסן קורונה

Comedy magic and mind reading shows
Close up magic and roaming mentalism

Close up, strolling, roaming magic

This is ZeeGee's most commonly booked show, and the inspiration for his stage name ZeeGee – ZeeGee’s show sees him zigzagging between your guests, performing entertaining feats of magic and slight-of-hand, up close and personal.

The magic will happen right under the audience’s noses, with top notch sleight-of-hand. Poker demonstrations, coins jumping from hand to hand, balls appearing out of nowhere, telepathy and mind reading demonstrations – all these will be combined with ZeeGee's sassy Israeli presentation, scripted humor, spontaneous banter, and plenty of interaction and audience participation.
ZeeGee’s close-up magic show in New York is suitable for receptions, Bar Mitsvah / Bat Mitsvah celebrations, cocktail parties, or any other event involving a reception or a crowd.

Mentalism mind reading stage show

ZeeGee's award-winning stage show is a highly polished, pre-scripted (though with many spontaneous segues), witty, and emotional experience. Read on to learn what the show is about and why you should hire ZeeGee.

In ZeeGee's magic show you'll witness:
Visual illusions
Humor-based magic tricks
Top-notch sleight-of-hand and misdirection
Telepathy and suggestion (audience "thought implantation")
ZeeGee's award-winning innovative first place winner at Israel’s 2012 championship of magic magic routine
Israeli chutzpah

The show is up to 60 minutes long, and is suitable for small audiences and large ones as well.

Longer videos from actual real time shows:
Russian Roulette – nail routine – 7:30
Award winning card routine – New York – 6:50
Celebrating Andrew's 50 birthday – 1:30

ZeeGee is an international award-winning performer, performed in
Israel flag Israel, Italy Flag Italy, USA Flag style= New York, Los Angeles (2010 Special featured Israeli week at The Magic Castle Hollywood performer) India Flag And India.

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